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"You truly can't state regardless of whether Sylvanas arranged this," Creative Director for World of Warcraft Alex Afrasiabi let me know in a shut entryway talk with this end of the week at BlizzCon. "That is the thing that Warmane Outland makes her such an incredible character...I constantly needed to abandon it open that it's conceivable. Be that as it may, those cards were never appeared to anybody. She generally abandons you with the conceivable deniability, as might she be able to have left Varian one more moment to survive the Broken Shore? We would prefer not to dive that profound into her mind so we can give you some of those incredible crowd versus partnership minutes where the player can choose."

He goes ahead to sow the seeds of contention in the development much further by clarifying: "At first, we had that huge crowd administration scene unique. At the point when Vol'jin gives Sylvanas the mantle of warchief, and looks past Thrall, what might he do? All things considered, he wouldn't give that a chance to happen... he out and out wouldn't be there. That is the reason he's not in there in the last form. We're not going to Warmane Outland begin this battle up now, we'll hold up until a little later [after Legion]." "She's reasoning 10 stages not far off," Senior Art Director Chris Robinson included. "In our terms, she's as of now contemplating two developments from now."

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