Lukaku has accepted Manchester United’s offer

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Sujet du message: Lukaku has accepted Manchester United’s offer
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This is not a rumor, fifa coins but a fact! According to the British media "Daily Mirror" the latest news, Lukaku joined Manchester United is only a matter of time. Lukaku, who is on vacation in the United States, will accept Manchester United's medical examinations in Los Angeles today, and then the two sides will sign. Lukaku will be in the United States and Manchester United team will, and his transfer fee of 75 million pounds, and its weekly salary in Manchester United 20 million pounds.
Transfer market is always rough, at any time may happen God turn. Yesterday before the summer, almost the whole world that Chelsea will sign Lukaku, but the Beijing time on the evening of July 6 BBC suddenly exposed Mengliao, Everton accepted the offer of Manchester United, Lucca and Chelsea is completely Missed it. Before, Lukaku himself has always wanted to go back to Chelsea, fifa 17 coins how suddenly changed the way?
"Mirror" revealed that Manchester United used a secret weapon: Borgba, it is the French star's active lobbying to Lukaku to give up the idea of joining the Blues. Lukaku and Bogba's personal friendship is very good, two people recently in the United States vacation, almost every day to play together. Borgba's mind is not all playing, he also accepted a special task Mourinho, he wanted to persuade Lukaku to join Manchester United.
Beijing time this morning, Bogba in the individual INS in a sunshine out of the photo, there are three people in the photo, namely Borga himself, Lukaku and NBA star Ibaka. Such a bones, Borgba this photo caused Manchester United fans want to come and go.
Lukaku is only 24 years old this year, physically strong and technically delicate, "Sun" said he is simply a replica of Drogba, Mourinho like this center. Local time on Thursday (that is, Beijing time today), Lukaku will be officially accepted Manchester United's physical examination. At first, Mourinho coach Chelsea to Lukaku sold, and now in Manchester United at high prices to buy him back. Things are always so unpredictable.
Manchester United this confidential work done well. When Chelsea high-profile to buy Lukaku, Mourinho and Woodward in the back and Everton contact, unconsciously put Lukaku to win. Manchester United has repeatedly in the transfer market by Chelsea cut Hu, this time, Manchester United finally made times cut Hu.
It is reported that Lukaku will enter into a four-year contract with Manchester United, plus a one-year renewal clause, Lukaku's weekly salary at Manchester United will be 20 million pounds. "Daily Mail" wrote that Lukaku can be a perfect alternative to leave this season, Ibrahimovic, he will become Manchester United new season against the Premiership and the Champions League's main force.



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Sujet du message: Re: Lukaku has accepted Manchester United’s offer
Publié: 01 Sep 2017 11:40

Thanks for you sharing.

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