Manchester United announces Januzaj’s leave

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Sujet du message: Manchester United announces Januzaj’s leave
Publié: 13 Juil 2017 10:29

Premiership giants Manchester United club announced on the official website of the Belgian midfielder Januzai officially left his team, he moved to La Liga's royal society. It is reported that the transfer fee of 9.8 million pounds to Januzai, he and the royal community signed 5 years. After leaving the team, Janu Zai made a statement, recalling Manchester United career. It is worth mentioning that he would only like to thank "part" Manchester United coach, not all.
Janouzai was born in 1995, only 22 years old this year, very young. At the age of 16, Januzai joined Manchester United, and in 2013 completed his first team in Manchester United, when Manchester United coach for Moyes. Moyes is very appreciative of Janusu, giving the latter a lot of playing time. Jia Nuzi in Manchester United start very stunning, his talented, and looks handsome, fifa coins was high hopes. October 2013, Manchester United VS Sunderland, Janu Zai scored twice, he became famous.
However, Janu Zeyi later fell into silence, his talent gradually annihilated. In 2015, he was loaned to Dortmund by Manchester United. In the Bundesliga, Kanu Zai's performance is still not expected, was returned in advance. In the summer of 2016, Mourinho became Manchester United coach, the Portuguese coach did not want to reuse Janusu, and rented to Sunderland. Last season, he played 28 times for Sunderland, of which 21 are starting.
The contract between Januzai and Manchester United originally expired in the summer, but he decided to leave early after careful consideration this summer, or he could not win a place at Manchester United next season. Royal society is also confirmed in the official website of Janu Zai to join, the Belgians will be in the local time today 18:30 in the Royal Society debut, he will wear the No. 8 shirt.
After the transfer of all the formalities, Janu Zai in the personal Twitter published a departure from the team. He said: "Here is where my dream began, since joining Manchester United, I have created a lot of memorable moments here, I would like to thank all the teammates, and you play with me is my happiness. I would also like to thank some coaches , They made Manchester United a great club. "
Note that Janu Zayi is grateful for the "part" coach in the statement. "Daily Mail" that Janu Zai said the "part" coach should be Moyes, not including Van Gaal and Mourinho, and then the two Manchester United coach is not very appreciate him.
"Unfortunately, my Manchester United career must end, it did not follow my expectations and development, but I will always love Manchester United. Finally, thanks to have been with my fans, I will never forget your support for you Thank you, "said Januzai.fifa 17 coins

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