Barca wants to steal Mahrez again

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Sujet du message: Barca wants to steal Mahrez again
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Barcelona won the King's Cup, Barcelona hundreds of extreme fans have exposed a discordant activities, these people collectively shouted Bartomemu get out, now 2016-2017 season has been officially ended in the summer before the team, A large number of Barcelona fans began to protest the high level of the club.
A Barcelona fan organization called the Red and Blue Manifesto plans to protest the high-level work in Barcelona at the 18 o'clock next Saturday at the Barcelona home team. Why is this event set at this time? First in the vicinity of the stadium directly to protest, fifa coins so that Barcelona high-level hear the voice of the fans, then protest the end of the event, the fans into the Barcelona team to support the game.
The red and blue declaration fans have already made a public statement: "The team's performance and the final achievements of the season are disappointing due to the poor management of the current club, and the system must be held for a protest."
Barcelona President Bartome Umu want to restore the hearts of fans, must let the red and blue army fans to see the club to rebuild the determination and action taken this summer must be a reasonable signings so that fans see hope. While the Spanish RAC1 radio revealed: fifa 17 coins Barcelona want to introduce Leicester City of Mahericks.
Although Leicester City this season, the league in general, but the team eventually scored the Champions League 8 strong. Maileres in the frontcourt attack can pass teaser, this season accumulated to help the Blue Fox Army scored 10 goals assists 7 times. The former Premier League MVP was once the Reds on the transfer market, but with the poor performance of Leicester City this season, Mailey did not have that before the fire, which is conducive to Barcelona at a relatively low price to win Algerian. Another message that is more favorable to Barcelona is that Mailey has been exposed to Leicester City and wants to leave the team this summer.

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